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That Protein - Voted “Best Plant Protein and Sports Nutrition” Nourish Awards. Recommended by Vogue “The purest plant protein and nutrition powders”.


 The First 2 in 1 Pure Plant Super Proteins

Bye bye dairy, so long sweeteners, cheerio flavourings and hello deliciously pure that protein vegan plant based super proteins 😋💪🌱 

Our mission is to bring you a new kind of vegan plant based protein powder... Super Proteins... where the delicious taste comes not from chemical flavourings or sweeteners but purely from nature in the form of delicious plant based ingredients like rich cacao, zesty baobab and peanuts. We have created the best vegan plant protein blends with all natural taste.

Super Proteins where the pure plant based proteins are nutritionally boosted by nutrient dense super foods.

Super Proteins where every single ingredient in every single pack has a proven health benefit... from helping you build muscle, maintain and repair muscles to helping you:

  • reduce tiredness.
  • support your immune system.
  • balance hormones.
  • Maintain healthy bones and more. 
  • follow a low FODMAP diet * Blissful Brown Rice and Raw Cacao

Super Vegan Plant Proteins that you will choose again and again, made by us with a commitment to purity, quality and always being different.

Our Super Vegan Plant Proteins are created close to where CS Lewis created the magical world of Narnia and we hope a little of his magical thinking has rubbed off on us as we draw upon our imagination to create these special one-of-a kind Super Proteins.

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