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"I absolutely love these products! I use the cacao protein powder in my oatmeal breakfast, and the mocha powder to make iced coffee as a pre-workout or as a snack. I would definitely recommend them both. It didn't take long from buying the products, to receiving them. Amazing service as well. Will definitely buy more soon :) "
Best protein I've ever had
"I tried the chocolate one first and it was so delicious. The reason I love this brand and product is because it contains no added sweetener. I then tried the pumpkin one and I wasn't surprised but this one was also amazing! Love them both! ❤"
Isabelle J.
No bloating or skin issues from this protein!
"I really enjoy the gym and used to take whey protein after each workout. I always noticed that i'd be bloated after taking it but just assumed that that was just part and parcel of taking protein. I also had issued with my skin due to the milk in the protein. I kept taking it though because I was unaware of any alternative. I have recently found That Protein and honestly couldn't love it more!! I am about to order another order. It leaves me feel full and refueled after the gym and my skin has never been better. Also no bloating!! Definitely give this a try as a healthy alternative to whey protein :)"
So tasty
"I love this protein, so smooth and flavoursome. Does not taste like dirt like some vegan protein powders do! Highly recommend it "
Ailbhe I.
"awesome company, awesome products, love so much !!!!"
Lexie R.
Fab product
"Really loved the Blissful Brown Rice and Raw Cacao Super Protein. What made it better The organic/natural elements that you don't find with normal protein powder."
Protein shakes without all the nasties
"I really hate fake sweetener taste so this protein was perfect for me. I will definitely recommend and buy again "
sally b.
A wonderful deep cacao flavour!
"Love it! The cacao flavour is really authentic - it’s that proper chocolatey goodness that satiates a chocolate need in a healthy way. I haven’t tried the coffee pack yet but I’m looking forward to it."
Excellent Product Unlike Any Other!
"I'm so happy with my first order from That Protein, I will never go back to whey again.Not only am I assured about That Protein's ingredients and nutritional value, but the drink isn't over sweetened and tastes natural, I can't believe it's taken me so long to discover this product!"
Campbell, D.
Delicious product
"So far so good. The powder is delicious and mixes well as a shake or into porridge, my current fave breakfast option."
Love it
"Good, although I'd not try and drink it again. Really good in yogurt or porridge. Nice product. "
Gavin W.
Yummy, Gut friendly Protein
Love the product and excellent customer service
"The brown rice and raw cacao super protein tastes really delicious and dissolves really well. I didn't try the choca mocha powder personally, but my friend loves it and is also using it on a daily basis. "
Raw cacao protein
"Such a delicious natural taste! Would definitely recommend and buy again "
Amy P.
"Thank you SO much, I have finally found the first vegan protein I actually like!! SUPER quick delivery and amazing customer service, wish I found this protein sooner!!! "
Chloe H.
"Amazing, especially in porridge. Slightly too expensive though"
"Really nice flavour, first vegan protein powder I've tried so I'm keen to try the other flavours in the range."
An interesting Product
"Good, not sure how the product will be of benefit until we have used it for a while"
Best protein powder i have
"Best protein powder i have tried so far! I have tried it with coconut milk/ dairy milk/soya milk, but the best was soya it hides the rice protein flavour and isn’t too sweet like the coconut milk (FYI the dairy milk did not work as the rice protein flavour was more obvious in this milk). "
Great product, no nasty additives!
"Love the ThatProtein range - natural products that are really tasty!"
Deirdre M.
Hemp protein
"It tastes great and easy to add to porridge or smoothies. Awesome!!"
Alba C.
Fast delivery
"Fat delivery and tastes great! "
Tasty Goodness
"I really enjoyed using the products. I love the blissful Raw Cacao.. I was on a detox and when I had a craving I made brownies with this.. I got the chocolate kick I needed and it still felt healthy... I also loved using the I heart pumpkin. Each day I have a smoothie and I add this product. My eyes are much whiter and brighter Im sure it is because of these products. I will for sure be ordering again.. "
Niamh F.
I heart pumpkin & chia seed protein
"Great so far!!!!"
Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha Super Protein
"great taste and filling"
Soultana K.
Super Tasty
"Love the taste of this protein powder, with it's rich Cacao flavour. It's not gritty either which is s bonus. Easy to mix in smoothies and great to use in healthy snack recipes."
Bei L.
"I initially bought these from holland and barret but jumped at the cacao 3 pack on here when I ran out as it was better value for money, finding a good vegan protein powder without a load of nasty stuff in is not easy, this stuff is great and tastes delish esp the coffee ones, the only thing i wish is that their was a coffee 3 pack, customer service is also excellent they really go the extra mile if you have a problem :-) the texture is a little powdery but that dose not bother me, I make mine up in a shaker with oat milk and love it, its a nice chocolate fix for me too and fills me up really well too :-) cant say enough good things about this product "
Lexie R.
Great product and great customer service
"Delicious tasting product with excellent customer service when placing an order. "
Helen E.
Super happy!
"I really love your Brown Rice and Raw Cacao protein! :) Si I will definitely buy it from you again. :) Best wishes"
Great taste
"Both products taste good but the cocoa is particularly good. I had never found a protein powder that Iike and I'm really happy that I found this. I add it to natural yoghurt with cereal and it tastes great. Would be great to have other products, like cereal bars. "
Diana P.