At last! Now you can have premium organic vegan protein powders with superfoods in one amazing product. Natural and organic, cold pressed and pure. Dairy free, no added sugars, non GMO, no sweeteners, free from anything artificial - this is the range you have been waiting for!

Developed by plant based nutritionists with a true passion for plants and how to get the best from them to help you look and feel your amazing best! This is the vegan protein range superfood that changes things forever. Enjoy!


That Protein is proud to be the only vegan protein brand in the U.K. to hold 3 of the “Toughest Awards in the Health Food Industry” - The Nourish Awards -as judged by a panel of industry experts including Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden.

“The delicious smooth, creamy and natural taste” of That Protein's vegan protein was Judged best in a blind taste test v other plant proteins by a panel of industry Judges in September 2019.

VOGUE magazine too praised the vegan protein range as “the purest there is” That Protein Super Vegan Proteins are truly special.

A fusion of organic plant proteins and superfoods such as brown rice and raw cacao, they provide 2 in 1 nutrition and every single natural and organic ingredient will give you a measurable nutrition boost. Without sweeteners or chemical flavours, you will enjoy a natural tasting rich creamy taste sensation like no other vegan plant protein.

The many benefits of these super nutrition powders, Hemp protein, Rice Protein and Pumpkin Protein include helping you build maintain and repair muscles, reduce tiredness and fatigue, support normal hormonal health and support a healthy heart (see products page for more). We have a low fodmap range and all the powders are high in fibre. Use the fortifying nutrition powders to make delicious vegan protein shakes, protein bars and protein balls, add to smoothies and smoothie bowls, in baking, in porridge or anyway you enjoy in the knowledge that you’ve chosen the best quality nutrition to support a healthy body and active lifestyle.

 Founder Darlene McCormick

BA (hons) Queens University, Dip PR, Dip Clinical Nutrition

Darlene is a qualified nutritionist with a passion for plant-based nutrition which she has studied at Cornell University. She is a Tatler Businesswoman of the Year.

She is passionate about bringing the best quality high protein vegan nutrition products to a global customer base.


“I absolutely love my Nutty Nutty Peanut Butter Super Protein! I suffer with IBS and with That Protein I get none of the bloating or cramps that I have had with other brands of protein powder. It has a lovely smooth texture without any grittiness.”  

RACHEL HILL @plant_powered_rachel. 

“This is the only low FODMAP protein you will need! After struggling to find a dairy free protein ..I found That Protein ..this is a life changer! It’s my go to every day, the obsession is real. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out, I promise!”

LAUREN HILL @lowfodmaplondoner. 

“I use That Protein every day for personal use as well as in my baking business. It pumps up my bakes with protein, fibre omega 3, and a lot of vitamins. It has no refined sugars, dairy or gluten and tastes delicious with no powdery taste. The word I would use about That Protein is SUBLIME.”  

Diane @decadent_bakes. 

"I’m a PT and owner of FiFit in Liverpool. I fell in love with That Protein as the ingredients really are natural and tasty. I use it every day in oats, smoothies etc and am so pleased to have found a protein I love. The company itself has a fantastic ethos caring for their customers. I recommend That Protein to all my clients for post work-out muscle recovery. Im not even vegan but would choose this protein over all others on the market.

"Fiona Dutton @fifit_healthandfitness.