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Perfect Partners - The Cacao Nutty Combo

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This special super protein twosome complement each other perfectly and blend into a chocolate peanut super protein that's a taste and nutrition sensation! Equally delicious enjoyed separately but together... a very special combo. Enjoy them for less and get free UK delivery with this offer. 

All of that protein products are 100% vegan, dairy free and contain no refined sugars or added flavours.

1 pack each of;

Nutty Nutty Peanut Butter Super Protein

Blissful Brown Rice and Raw Cacao Super Protein



  • Refined Sugar
  • Sweeteners 
  • Flavourings
  • Dairy
  • Gluten

INGREDIENTS (Nutty Nutty Peanut Butter)
Partially defatted peanut powder and pea protein powder (81%)
Chia seeds (10%)
Palmyra nectar (9%)
SIZE 300g

INGREDIENTS (Blissful Brown Rice And Raw Cacao)
Organic brown rice protein powder (52%)
Organic raw cacao (48%)
SIZE 250g

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