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That Protein

The Eat Clean "Super Protein"

Where once there were protein powders and superfood powders, that protein now introduces its Super Proteins. They are the only organic vegan proteins fused with organic superfoods, developed by nutritionists.

At the forefront of the “eat clean” and plant-based living movement, that protein’s products are entirely free from dairy, added sugars, colourings, flavourings or allergens. They provide double nutrition with their 2 in 1 fusions.

At that protein we source rare organic plant proteins like pumpkin seed protein as well as popular ones like hemp and marry them with their perfect superfood partner to create these unique blends.

Our cold-pressed Super Proteins make delicious dairy free protein shakes, can be added to smoothies, baking or cereals for a boost of nutrient dense protein.

The range is high in protein, fibre, vitamin C and omega 3. The health benefits include building muscle, helping reduce tiredness and fatigue, supporting a healthy immune system and supporting a healthy heart among others.

Our nutritionists’ mission is to bring the best new protein and superfood sources to help you in your journey to eat clean.

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