About that protein

We created That Protein with just one aim -  to make the most naturally delicious and purest plant based nutrition products to support your health, vitality and wellness goals.

That Protein is run by plant based nutritionists who are passionate about plant power. Our Founder Darlene whose focus is on vegan nutrition for health and performance studied plant  based nutrition at Cornell University. 

Established in 2016 by our Founder and plant-based nutritionist Darlene McCormick, That Protein is now a multi award-winning vegan nutrition business loved by many all over the world. Our Vegan Plant Super Proteins have been Voted "Best in UK” and we have created the first and only certified LOW FODMAP Super Protein in the UK.

Our new protein porridge range was launched in December 2020 with lots more to come!

We have a commitment to never using chemical ingredients like sweeteners and flavourings but to work hard to create products that showcase the best nature has to offer. Why buy something with “chocolate flavour” when nature has gifted us raw cacao?

What started as a desire to make high protein plant-based nutrition products is now a niche global community of people who come together to enjoy our delicious high protein and free from products and to share plant based nutrition information.

We hope you enjoy!