We have teamed up with TerraCycle to create a recycling programme for our pouches. Most local authorities do not recycle plastic pouches, so if you live in such an area then we can offer you a solution.

When your pouch of that protein is empty, set it aside. When you have saved several empty packs you can post them back to us to be recycled into useful things such as park benches.

To make the process even more sustainable, you won’t even need to use any additional packaging material to send the pouches back to us. The mailing bags that we use to post your orders (which are already made from recycled plastic) are also reusable. If you look closely at you package when it arrives, you will see it has 2 perforated strips - be sure to tear along the lower strip.

Once you unpack your delicious delivery of that protein, you will see the envelope has an unused sealing strip which means the bag can be reused. Pop your used pouches into one of these envelopes and mail them back to us to be recycled (and we will recycle the plastic envelope again too!).

Send your used pouches to
that protein recycling programme,
Unit 12,
Crebilly Business Park,
Bog Road,
BT42 4HH
Visit for more information.