That Protein Becomes First FODMAP Friendly Certified Protein Powder in U.K.

that protein is low fodmap certified

Award-winning plant based nutrition company That Protein’s Blissful Raw Cacao Organic Super Protein has become the first protein powder in the U.K. to be certified low FODMAP following a rigorous laboratory tested evaluation process. 



Low FODMAP is an acronym for low fermentable, oligosaccharides (fructans & GOS), disaccharides (lactose) , monosaccharides (fructose) and polyols. The diet has been designed to help people with a medical diagnosis of IBS. A study found that around 3/4 of those who follow the diet reported an improvement of the symptoms of IBS which include bloating, gas and gastrointestinal pain. 


That Protein is an award winning nutrition company headed by Vegan entrepreneur Darlene McCormick. In 2019 the Blissful Raw Cacao was voted Best in U.K. at the prestigious Nourish Awards billed as the “toughest in the health food sector”


Ms McCormick said: “At any one time in U.K. around 10-20% of people are suffering with IBS. With our  FODMAP Friendly certification people can be assured that they can enjoy That Protein’s Blissful Raw Cacao Plant Protein safely on the low FODMAP diet whilst supporting their fitness and wellness goals.”


Tim Mottin, director of the FODMAP Friendly Food program, says “We’re pleased to partner with That Protein to certify an innovative FODMAP Friendly product for those with digestive issues following the low FODMAP diet. This is the first protein powder product to be certified in the UK under our certification program and we’re excited to see the number of UK based products continue to grow.” 


That Protein’s Blissful Raw Cacao Organic Super Protein is a blend of organic plant protein and organic raw cacao and can be bought in good health food shops and from the company’s online shop at with global delivery.


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