What is the “Satiety Index” and why could it be important for you ?

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What is the “Satiety Index” and why could it be important for you ?

For those who aren’t familiar with the “satiety index” it’s a rating of foods based on how satisfied and full you feel after eating a 240 cal portion. The fuller you feel the higher that food scores in the satiety index. 

In general foods high in protein are the top of the satiety index - higher than fats or carbohydrates. 

High fibre foods are also high on the index .

Foods with both protein and fibre are therefore satiety stars and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. That Protein’s entire range is high in the satiety index containing high protein AND high fibre in just one portion. 

So it’s true ! Adding your fav that protein to smoothies, baking, porridge or anything will make you feel more satisfied, and fuller for longer meaning you will be less likely to reach for sugary snacks. 

Choosing foods high on the Satiety I fed could also be a useful way to help with weight loss if that is an aim.

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