From PR to Protein - thrive magazine interview with that protein founder

that protein founder interview with thrive magazine podcast

On the show this week I talk to Darlene from That Protein. They’re a brand that I’ve known for a long while now and I love how strong their brand ethics are driven through everything they do.  It’s the second in our short series of interviews with Nourish Award winners. In this episode we go from PR to protein and what’s involved in launching a plant based business.

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The juicy bits from this episode…

  • How do you go from PR to Protein?
  • Tell me about your ingredients, your sourcing methods and your brand ethics?
  • Making protein products available to all and the importance of having a strong brand mission.
  • The road to veganism tends to be a route of discovery that happens over years.


“One moment I was mixing protein, maca and loads of other ingredients and thought wow  – would it not be simpler if I can make this in one product”

The moment of realising that there is a good way to get full nutrition from plant based eating, changed everthing, but we’re all different – you have to listen your own body!

“I’m the kind of person who takes research seriously, I’m not a practising nutritionist but am a qualified clinical nutritionist – I needed to understand the subject to enable me to best inform my customers”

“A successful brand is not what’s in the bag!”

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