5 More Facts About Coffee

Coffee is the third most consumed drink in the world but there are lots of interesting facts about coffee that you might not know! Here are 5 More Facts About Coffee. That Protein’s Award Winning Chirpy Chirpy Choc Mocha organic super protein contains real organic coffee.

that protein - coffee is a fruit

Coffee is actually a fruit! The coffee plant grows little red berries called coffee cherries. The seeds inside are what we know as coffee beans.

that protein - coffee makes tea?

The coffee plant also makes tea! Cascara or coffee cherry tea is a tea made from the dried skin of coffee cherries.

that protein - coffee from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is widely believed to be the birthplace of coffee. In an area called Kaffa not far from the capital Addis Ababa coffee trees grow spontaneously.

that protein - instant coffee is 250 years old

Instant coffee is 250 years old and first appeared on the U.K. in 1771.

that protein - Finland drinks more coffee

Finland drinks the most coffee in the world.

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