Are you always hungry?

Are you always hungry and a medical reason has been ruled out? It could be that you aren’t eating enough protein and fibre.

Eating Protein makes you feel fuller for longer because one calorie of protein makes you feel fuller than one calorie of fat and one calorie of carbohydrates in that order. That’s because protein takes longer to digest and has a greater thermogenic effect involved in its metabolism meaning for every every 100 calories of protein we eat our bodies only use 70 of them and 30 are given off as heat. 

It’s recommended that you consume around 0.8g protein per kg body weight every day as part of a balanced diet. 

Getting your daily target of 30g fibre is also important for satiety. 

That Protein’s products are all high in both protein and fibre meaning they will help you feel fuller and more satisfied so a great choice of you want to feel fuller longer and up your plant powered nutrition in a natural organic and delicious way!

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