Have You Tried “Proffee” - the latest fitness trend?

First things first. What IS proffee?
Proffee is the name for coffee combined with protein powder and has taken off massively during lockdown. With 2.6 million views on tik tok alone it is now firmly established as a fitness trend.
But what are the fitness benefits of proffee?
Caffeine has been shown to improve performance when taken before exercise, specifically by increasing the time it takes to fatigue - in other words it can help you with focus and endurance.
Protein is of course important for recovery and to help build and maintain muscle mass. Both protein and caffeine can offer a metabolism boost too so combining the two could be useful way to boost fitness and at the same time help you lose fat.
You could have your Proffee before a workout to help power you through or afterwards to replenish muscles and recover.
That Protein was way ahead of the recent proffee trend and our Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha has been making the perfect proffee for years!

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