How Much Protein Do I Need every day ?

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You need to eat protein every day for your health and wellness. Protein is needed to build and maintain all kinds of body tissue and for energy.

But how much protein do YOU need to consume every day?

For basic maintenance according to the European Food Safety Authority adults need to consume 0.83g of protein per kg of body weight every day. This should be consumed throughout the day.

This is a basic guide and can be adjusted up when you are more active. Increased protein intake is recommended at certain times.

During pregnancy it is recommended to increase your protein intake above your basic level by 1g, 9g and 28g per day during the first, second and third trimesters respectively.

If breastfeeding it is recommended to increase protein intake by 19g a day in the first six months and 13g a day thereafter.

The department of health in U.K. recommends an upper daily limit of 111g of protein for men and 90g for women.

We hope you’ve found this quick guide helpful.


*Sources EFSA and NHS


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