Our Top 3 Ways To Enjoy Proats!

Proats - or porridge with added protein - are a favourite blogger choice. Every day instagram and other social media features delicious bowls of oats with added protein powder. Adding protein helps balance the lovely carbohydrates in the porridge and adds more fibre for a perfect breakfast ratio. 

We have taken the effort of protein oats away with our protein porridge blends and Here are our top 3 ways to enjoy them

that protein perfectly pure love top oats

Stove Oats

The traditional way! Put oats into saucepan, add milk of choice and cook ! We love this Perfectly Pure Protein Porridge see recipe here

that protein perfectly pure overnight oats

Overnight Oats
A brilliant and convenient option! See our recipe for overnight proats here
that protein perfectly pure oat cookies
Get creative!

Protein oats make a brilliant base for baking and high protein snacks. We love these 3 ingredient high protein oat cookies see recipe here As you can see proats are a fantastic and delicious way to boast your nutrition!

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