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Its official, I am completely in love with that protein's BLISSFUL RICE PROTEIN POWDER WITH RAW CACAO.
I started adding it to my porridge, along with some goji berries, chia and flax seeds, but I have now progressed to adding it to my cake mixes and yoghurt.  Its becoming an obsession! #Bliss
Here is some info taken from
that protein’s Blissful Brown Rice with Raw Cacao vegan protein powder is different from other protein powders as it contains added delicious cacao for a healthy immune system and an antioxidant boost. that protein plant protein, vegan, vegetarian nutrition mixes are the perfect addition to any nutrition plan.
Brown rice protein is a complete plant protein that helps support healthy muscles, skin, hair and nails. It has a 98% correlation to mother’s milk and a 97% correlation with whey protein. Cacao is a top source of antioxidants and it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron. It is widely recognised for the naturally occurring chemicals it contains which stimulate the happy centres in our brain. No other food in the world is known to contain as many mood-improving substances as cacao.
Rice protein with raw cacao is an excellent alternative to dairy protein. Our rice protein powder starts with organically certified, non-GM rice.
Our raw cacao comes from the cacao tree, native to the fertile forests of South America. It is famous not only for its unique taste, but also for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. The generic name – Theobroma – literally translates to ‘food of the gods’. Cacao was first cultivated by the Olmecs in Mexico as early as 1000 BC and was used to make fortifying beverages. Over time the Mayans and Aztecs adopted cacao into their own cultures, incorporating the drink into ceremonial rituals and even using cocoa beans as currency. It wasn’t until the Spanish arrived in the 1500’s that cacao was introduced to Europe. Here, the cacao drink was sweetened by adding sugar, cinnamon then heated to improve its texture. Cacao also came to play a medicinal role, used to treat a range of afflictions, from smallpox and yellow fever to cholera and snakebites. that protein plant protein, vegan, vegetarian nutrition mixes are the perfect addition to any nutrition plan.

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