Yummy 'that protein' Review - Vegan Protein Powder.

I was sent this fascinating protein powder in the post by brand ‘That Protein’ flavour ‘I heart pumpkin seed protein powder with chia seeds.’ I was very excited to try it as I haven’t had a lot of success with vegan protein powder and a lot of it tastes awful.


The back of the packet says that it is different to other protein powder as its made from cold pressed pumpkin seeds. It has 44g per 100g of protein, is 100% natural, free from sugars and dairy and also high in Omega 3 fatty acids. I couldn’t wait to try the powder so I made a simple recipe with melon, coconut milk and one large scoop of the powder. As the recipe was small, The NutriBullet was perfect to blend it all up quickly.


Well….. it tastes AMAZING!!! I cannot believe how good this is. So I can totally recommend this protein powder to anyone looking for a vegan alternative.
Anneka x

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