Recent Study Highlights Health Benefits of Coffee.

that protein Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha organic super protein brings you a raft of health benefits. The plant protein helps you build and repair muscles; the raw cacao helps you reduce tiredness and fatigue; the fibre helps you feel fuller longer. 

However it's the organic coffee in it - we want to tell you what it can do for you. 

A recent study printed in the BMJ on data from over 2.25 million people confirmed that coffee consumption helps protect your liver, with the protection increasing as your coffee consumption increases. 

Professor Peter Hayes of Edinburgh University also stated that coffee consumption can reduce your risk of death in many other ways. 

Studies have shown consuming coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Coffee, too, may reduce type 2 diabetes as it helps your body produce insulin in the correct amounts. 

On a fitness level coffee helps with physical performance in high impact activities like crossfit and helps with physical endurance. 

Coffee has been shown to increase alertness and help with concentration. 

However you won't get the benefits from "coffee flavour," only from real coffee. that protein's Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha organic super protein is packed with real organic coffee, plant protein and delicious raw cacao. 

You can make a simple iced protein mocha by adding that protein to any nut mylk, ice, sweeten to taste and blend like this yummy shake. Or add to porridge, baking or smoothies. 

Pic credit: thegrowingbutterfly 

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