Today is World Porridge Day Here are 5 Fun Facts!

Today is World Porridge Day - a day that celebrates porridge and all the amazing heart healthy high fibre plant-based nutrition that oats bring us.
We’ve compiled 5 fun facts about porridge for you!
🥣 Did you know that Porridge is the National Dish of Scotland?
🥣 Every year in the Scottish Highland Village of Carrbridge the World Porridge Making Competition is held to find the world’s porridge making champion!
🥣 Oats were introduced to the British Isles around 600AD
🥣 eating 3g of soluble fibre from oats a day may reduce the risk of heart disease
🥣The word “porridge” evolved from the word “pottage” meaning thick soup or stew
Happy World Porridge Day!

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